Slender, with a dense, erect crown, the Warburgia salutaris lends itself to planting in a small garden or a large estate as it has wonderful screening properties.  Growing to a height of between 5 to 10 m, the stem has a rich, brown bark.  The tree is evergreen and has dark green, glossy leaves that are paler green underneath.  Arranged alternately, the simple leaves have an aromatic fragrance, but is bitter to taste.  Small, greenish-white flowers appear during autumn and develop into round, oval berries.  Fruiting takes place from October to January and the fruit is dark green, turning a purple colour when mature.

The Pepper-bark tree is well known for its medicinal properties and as such has become over harvested in the wild.  Sensitive to frost, the tree should be protected when small in the colder regions.  By planting this tree in your garden, one has the added value of making a contribution towards conservation of the species.