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Sun Trees tree farm ariel photo of tree nursery selling south african trees.
olea europaea ( Wild Olive), Celtis africana (white stinkwood), Combretum erythrophyllum (River bushwillow), Searisia lansea (black karee), Quercus palustris (pin oak)

sun trees

the home of large trees for sale in gauteng province

based in johannesburg, south africa. sun trees has 35+ years experience, supplying large indigenous, exotic, evergreen and deciduous trees to private clients, landscapers and businesses.

seeing is believing

visit our tree farm today and see our tree sizes and species for yourself

a picture of the branches and stem of a large pin oak(quercus palustris) tree on our tree farm in south africa
An Avenue of celtis africana which was planted by Sun Trees on an estate.

developing long-term treescape worth for our clients

treescape worth is rooted in the futureness, usefulness, delightfulness, sublimeness of our work

using large trees to shape a greener, more sustainable built-environment for home-owners, property developers and governments.

a photo of an orchard which was planted for a client in lanseria.

tree Sales

  • large container-grown trees and shrubs for sale
  • delivery & Installation of trees across a majority of South Africa
  • large tree relocation

tree Consulting

  • tree care & maintenance
  • consultations on tree selection


  • tree exports
  • supplier of trees to developers, landscapers, architects, corporations & government

the home of large trees for sale in gauteng province

we offer a wide range of tree sizes from 40L up to 4000L

Lifting a large White Stinkwood ( Celtis Africana ) tree onto a crane truck.
An extremely large, 4000L paperbark thorn also known as the Acacia or Vachellia sieberiana which is for sale at our tree farm.

looking for information on a specific tree?

search our tree of the week database to learn more about the different types of trees we stock and sell here at sun trees!

Planting a large Wild olive for a contractor

we sell large trees

our extensive variety of large and extremely large trees, is unparalleled and allows clients to choose a tree which brings them instant satisfaction.

experienced team

through our decades of experience sun trees has mastered the ability to execute precise planting of any sized tree into any development in gauteng. sun trees has the ability to transport and plant your trees anywhere in a manner which minimizes risk to the tree to ensure your tree settles in.

our service delivery

sun trees is committed to providing clients with efficient customer service and bespoke solutions to meet our clients needs. this is done in a manner which prioritizes our clients needs so that they can walk away knowing they received a high quality service.


“Hi Barry, it’s Katie here. I have just been to collect the Sneezewood tree from your nursery in Krugersdorp. I just want to let you know how impressed I was with your operation. Your staff have been so helpful and kind and professional.
Thank you for all your help.”


“Hi there Barry and team,
Thanks so much for the information you send out – I found this really handy.
Please may I take this chance to say thank you for all the valuable info and advice that you
have given me through the years. And the amazing work that you are doing around Jhb.”


“Hi Sun Trees,
Just want to say how much I have loved, and continue to love these emails.
Thank you.”


“Hi Sun Trees
We are delighted with our trees and thank you for our ‘post care’ email. Much appreciated!
We would like to purchase an additional three trees please. Can you suggest an indigenous,
fast growing, frost tolerant, good screening tree species please? Thanks very much.”


“Hi Edith,
Hope you are well. I  need a large Australian Eugenia . What is your largest available? I need
you to also plant  it for me please. Easy access. 
You did plant a Chinese Maple last year and it is doing well.”


“Excellent service and guidance from Barry Gush. 100% growth success on the trees supplied and


“Dear Sun Trees
The tree is looking healthy and both the birds and we are enjoying it daily. Will keep a close
eye on the watering for the next few weeks.”


“This is fantastic. Thank you for the great service.”

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A photo of big trees indigenous to south africa at our tree farm in Johannesburg.
schedule a visit

visit our tree farm to view our tree inventory in person so that you are able to make the best possible tree selection for your development.

tree of the week

every week we release an article talking about the features and functions of a specified tree and its role in the ecosystem it is found in. browse our tree archive to learn more about the trees which surround us.

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    Kirkia wilmsii – Mountain seringa – Bergsering – Modumela

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  • Rapanea melanophloeos– Cape beech – Boekenhout – iGcolo

    Rapanea melanophloeos– Cape beech – Boekenhout – iGcolo

    Rapanea melanophloeos is a relatively hardy, medium-sized, evergreen tree with dark leaves that have a purplish tinge to them. This tree can reach a mature height of 4-18m under favourable environmental conditions. It is found growing naturally in damp areas of mountain and coastal forests or swamps and bush clumps. Young leaves are pale green… Read…

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