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Cork Oak
Paperbark Tree
Phoenix Reclinata Palm
Pride Of India
Jacaranda Tree

• Only applicable until the 31st May 2021.
• Payment must be settled in full prior to any tree leaving our tree farm.
• Payment of trees is non-refundable.
• Trees will only be reserved once full payment reflects.
• All sales would have to be confirmed by Barry Gush and the response time can be between 24-48 hours.
• On Wednesdays mornings Barry Gush may be able to meet with you at our tree farm. Kindly communicate in advance so we may be able to make allowance for this.
• 50% discount is only offered on selected large trees e.g. our Vachellia sieberiana, Senegalia galpinii, Vachellia xanthophloea, Celtis africana, Olea africana, Platanus acerifolia, Quercus palustris. Other substantial discounts are also on offer on other stock and on unique trees e.g. Lagerstroemia speciosa, Harpephyllum caffrum, Phoenix reclinata, Caesalpinia ferrea, Quercus suber.
• Trees must be planted within one month of reservation. If later than one month standard storage, maintenance and growing on charges apply.
• Quoted prices exclude delivery and planting.
• Errors and omissions excepted.

The Sun Trees Advantage

What differentiates us is our numerous species, specialised services and tree solutions.


Cultivating sizeable trees

  • Over 200 indigenous species
  • Range of tree families
  • Many size options
  • Mix of tree types
  • Resilient and robust trees
  • Naturally raised trees
  • One of a kind trees


Working with trees

  • In-house advice
  • plantedFORyou
  • Consulting tree architect
  • Tree relocation
  • Specialised support
  • Experienced tree craftsmen


Creating arboreal communities

  • New tree plantings
  • Rehabilitation and replantings
  • Growth requirement analysis
  • Visual impact assessments
  • Proven planting techniques
  • Sizeable trees on hand
  • Cost-effective value

Founded in 1987, Sun Trees believes it can deliver superior plantings through artistic ingenuity, rigorous research and conscientious application

  • We have two nurseries in Gauteng situated in Randburg and Krugersdorp
  • You can choose from more than 300 tree species of which 270 are native indigenous trees
  • By commissioning us as tree architects, we would fully integrate our arboreal difference into your tree project
  • We realize our purpose by analysing, planning, designing and envisaging the holistic enhancement of natural and built environments
  • We are suppliers of mature, advanced, large, shady, deciduous, flowering and evergreen trees

Our Client Focus

We supply trees and provide services to:

  • Homeowners
  • Landscape gardeners/designers
  • Land / Property developers
  • Park and recreation departments
  • Agro- and eco-tourist projects
  • Corporate and commercial facilities greening
  • Open parking premises

We sell and work with

Barry Gush

Barry Gush – Consulting Tree Architect

Barry Gush, an authority on trees, can meet with you by appointment.

Click here to listen to Barry’s interview on Indigenous Flowering Trees with Tamara LePine Williams on Classic FM’s Classic Lifestyle Garden Feature.