Our Logo

The top two figures have tree crown significance

The bottom two figures have tree root system significance

The north-east figure has a rising sun connotation

The north-west figure has a setting sun connotation

There is also a butterfly image which is a good association for wildlife tree gardening

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Our Culture

  • Stewardship – in our recommendations we respect the climate, environment and soils into which the trees are planted
  • Treecentric spirit – we take our calling seriously and we are passionate about working with trees
  • Imagination – a vision of the final/ultimate visual impact is born out of our contemplation, observation and reading
  • Service – we offer a range of services that meet our clients demanding needs


  • Tree architect – pioneers in the art and craft of tree planting
  • Tree standards – we have developed and refined a practical tree standard model to differentiate growth stage development
  • A search system – we have initiated a practical tree search system that considers all factors to enable clients to make an informed decision on their purchase
  • Research – our recommendations are based on extensive reading and academic studies


  • The South African Nursery Association (SANA)
  • The Institute for Landscape Architecture in South Africa (ILASA)
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