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tree inventory & sizing

sun trees has gathered an extensive variety of trees sizes in its tree nursery ranging from young to extra large, allowing us to meet the diverse tree needs of our clients

Tree sizing graph/chart, shows trees at different sizes compared to human. 100L, 200L, 400L, 1000L, 2000L and 4000L trees for sale, sizing chart.
the above tree sizing chart shows our different six tree catagories compared to human & house height. Our Extra large trees start at 6m however we hold a select few extra large trees up to 10m.

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Not all trees are built the same! At Sun Trees we belive in valuing our trees in a holistic manner by using our tree size index which takes into account both the trees height and stem calliper.


an entry level portable tree with a single main stem, making it easy for long distance and high volume transportation and the ideal tree for diy planting or the budget conscience person.


a more mature, popular tree for those who are happy to wait a few years for the tree to reach maturity but are still looking for a tree that is capable of leaving an impression. perfect for property developers, construction companies and landscapers looking to fill large quotas.


these trees command a greater presence as it is the size where a tree shows early signs of establishment. due to its smaller size this tree size is cheaper to manhandle which is why it draws interest from landscapers but also represents the perfect maturity of tree for homeowners on a budget.


this size tree has a more developed crown as the branch structure becomes noticeable. making it ideal for homebuilders looking to create accent to focal points of their garden.


an established tree which can be 20+ years old. at this size owners are buying decades worth of time, and a tree which ought to leave a significant impact on their surrounding development or home.


meant for the real tree enthusiasts of south africa who are short on patience but not on money this tree is for those who only want the biggest and the best. the extra large tree has immediate impact on any garden and is one which will start many a conversation.

ornamental trees

counterbalance the concrete jungle of everyday life with the stunning ornamental value of a large tree.

A picture of a Lemon Fruit tree for sale at our tree farm.

fruit trees

Use a variety of fruit trees to build out an orchard or bring wildlife into your garden.

our tree sizing

Tree MaturityLiterageTree Size IndexStarting height
Large 1000-1600L480-10803.9m
Extra Large2000-3200L960-21605.7m
  • Prices include VAT
  • Size index comprises of a calculation involving the tree height by m and stem thickness by calliper in mm
  • Stem calliper is measured 30cm from soil level
  • E & OE and Ts & Cs apply

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