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A picture of a tree orchard which was planted for a client on their estate in Lanseria.

About Sun Trees

Founded in 1987 by Barry Gush, Sun Trees has been selling container-grown trees for 35+ years through which it has grown in size, quality and experience to the point where we are now one of the leading tree nurseries in South Africa. Our premium services which are derived through artistic ingenuity, rigorous research and conscientious application are generally comprised of our three differentiating factors large trees, expert tree planting services and our client first approach.

Naturally Grown Trees

We choose not to use artificial fertilizer on our trees so that our customers know they are receiving organically grown trees as they would appear in nature.

Our Mission

To shape built and man’s natural environment with trees.

Our Purpose

To unlock the power of trees to enhance quality of life for everyone, today and for generations to come.

Our Tenet

Trees are beings which yield passion, pervade prayer, raise intelligence and return energy.

Beautiful medium sized trees in the morning johannesburg light

Interpretation Of Our Logo

The top two limbs have tree crown significance – the bottom two limbs have tree root system significance

The north-east limb has a rising sun connotation – the south-west limb has a setting sun connotation

There is also a butterfly image which is a good association with wildlife gardening

Sun rays radiating outwards

Leaf whorl symbolism

Crown formation symbolism

Root system symbolism

Four seasons symbolism

The life cycle of a tree

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