Aloe ferox is a beautiful focal plant that will brighten your garden during winter!

Commonly known as the bitter aloe Aloe ferox is indigenous to Southern Africa. Its genus name ‘Aloe’ refers to the spiky leaves while the species name ‘ferox’ means fierce. This Aloe is widely distributed in Southern Africa, it is easy to cultivate and does not have any special requirements. A. ferox is able to grow successfully in a wide range of habitats such as mountain slopes, rocky landscapes and flat open areas.

This succulent plant is single-stemmed and can reach a mature height of 3.5m. Leaves are thick and fleshy, arranged in rosettes. The stem is normally clothed in dead leaves as the old leaves remain on the plant stem after drying. Flowering occurs from May to August, flower colour ranges from yellow-orange to bright red. The flowers are born on a vertical branching spike heads.

A.ferox’s flowers are rich in nectar, this attracts birds, insects, baboons and monkeys to the plant. It makes an ideal plant for a water-wise garden and can also survive in areas affected by frost. This plant can also create a focal point when planted on a rockery. Because of its tolerance to wind, the Bitter aloe is suitable for planting in coastal gardens.

Famous worldwide for its medicinal properties, Aloe ferox is used for the treatment of Arthritis. It is also an important ingredient for cosmetic products.