The white pear is an evergreen tree up to 25m tall with an open spreading crown. Its distribution stretches from Ethiopia in the North to Western Cape in the South. It is a protected tree of South Africa and is found on a variety of habitats ranging from montane forests to wooded grasslands.

The glossy dark green leaves of Apodytes dimidiata are simple and alternate. Sweetly scented blooms produced from September to April appear as loose heads with a saucer shaped calyx, these flowers attract a variety of insect species to the tree. Various bird species also flock into the garden to enjoy the red fleshy fruits from December to June. The growth rate of this tree is ±70mm per year, it will be slow when the tree is young but will increase later.

The white pear thrives in well-drained, compost-rich soil. This tree can grow well both in full sun and under semi-shade conditions. When mature it becomes frost tolerant but young trees need to be protected from frost.

Apodytes dimidiata makes a beautiful screening plant in the garden because of its glossy foliage. It responds well to pruning, this makes it perfect as a hedge plant. When planted as a specimen plant on lawn, it will look stunning especially when in flower or fruiting. This tree can also be planted for shade. Its root system in non-invasive making it very suitable for small gardens, paved areas or pools.