Bersama lucens is an uncommon small to medium sized tree characterised with shiny, leathery, thick and dark green leaves. This tree naturally occurs in swamps, coastal forests and high inland forests from north eastern Cape to KwaZulu-Natal and eastern Gauteng. It is a slow grower and can reach a mature height of 3 to 10m under favourable growing conditions.

This tree has a heavy foliage with beautiful brown new growth. The grey-brown bark is faintly creased. From September to May, the tree produces greenish white flowers. These are followed by dull green velvety fruit. The fruit is very attractive, consisting of capsules of four scarlet seeds. Many birds as well as monkeys feed on the fruit.

It makes a beautiful tree for semi-shade to shade parts of the garden. B. lucens is suitable for container planting. Although it has not gained its deserved popularity as a garden plant, this small tree makes a wonderful ornamental for a very small or townhouse garden, as it does not grow big and has a neat growth habit. The Glossy white ash has a medicinal value, it is highly sought after in traditional medicines, threatening the wild populations.