Tree gifts for schools

There are many ways to introduce trees as gifts to schools.  Whether it is a parting gift from a matric class, a commemorative tree to celebrate a teacher’s farewell or a donation to children to inspire stewardship of trees and an appreciation of Mother Nature – a tree is a legacy for future generations.  In addition, special events (prize giving) could be remembered by planting a tree in an area that has degraded or where a tree has died.

‘Adopt a school’ facilitator

Based on research, many of our rural and under privileged schools have a lack of trees on site.  An initiative for more privileged schools would involve donating trees to connect with communities and become ‘sister’ schools.

Tree education

School groups can benefit by visiting our nursery or offices at Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens.  A practical, physical experience with trees, in nature, makes for a wonderful day trip while facilitating a relationship with trees.  The outcome is a better connection with nature and an appreciation of the importance of trees in the ecosystem.