Indigenous to South Africa, endemic to the Karoo desert where it grows among boulders on the hillsides, Buddleja glomerata is a tough, small tree or large shrub, with a fast growth rate.

Best known for its attractive foliage, the young leaves of the tree are silvery and furry with scalloped edges.  As the leaves mature, they turn a faded, blue-green colour that forms a contrast to bright green surroundings.  The flowers are small with a yellow colour and are produced from September to March, adding another splash of colour to the garden.  These flowers have a slightly unpleasant aroma and the pollen induces sneezing – hence the local name of Niesbos.

Growing to a height of +- 4 m, the tree is upright with a bushy appearance.  Young stems are formed from the base of the tree and if left untrimmed, the tree makes a good hedging specimen.  It can spread up to 3 m wide, making it an attractive, large shrub.

Buddleja glomerata is easy to cultivate and tolerates drought and other harsh conditions equally well.  As this evergreen is endemic to the Karoo, it has adapted to cold and hot conditions and is frost hardy.

Unique in its colouring, this is an ornamental tree that will thrive in a sunny spot with enough space to spread.