Indigenous to South Africa, the White Stinkwood is a wonderful addition to your garden.

Celtis africana is a fairly fast growing, very attractive shade tree.  A deciduous tree that usually reaches 12 m in height, it has a dense broad crown in summer that can easily spread up to 10 m. This high branching tree with smooth bark is the epitome of a four season tree and is a wonderful climbing tree for kids.

In spring the tender, green leaves interplay beautifully with the pale grey to dirty white bark of the trunk.  Inconspicuous green flowers appear from August to October, and are followed by small, yellow fruit during summer which will attract wildlife and birds to the garden.

Leaves turn golden during autumn and drop to the ground to make way for the winter skeletal outline that has a stark beauty of its own.  The White Stinkwood provides ample shade on hot summer afternoons, but allows light and warmth to filter through during the cool winter months.

Frost and drought resistant, this tree can often be seen lining the streets and parks of our towns.  The White Stinkwood is not related to the true stinkwood, but was named for its light coloured wood and the unpleasant smell when its branches are cut.