Cryptocarya latifolia is an evergreen medium sized tree characterised with a round dense crown. This tree can reach a mature height of 16m when growing conditions are ideal. The broad-leafed quince originates from KwaZulu Natal and Eastern Cape where it grows in evergreen forests along riverbanks.

This tree has a grey-brown bark with smooth fine fissures and occasional horizontal ridges. The leathery dark green leaves have fine hairs on the upper surface. It produces sprays of small white flowers in Spring. These flowers are covered in coppery hairs and are spidery in appearance.  After flowering, spherical green fruits are produced, these become black when ripe (after being shed from the tree). This tree attracts wildlife to the garden.

The broad-leafed quince has a fast growth rate and can be grown as a specimen tree in parks and large gardens.  It tolerates mild frost. The existing populations of this tree are declining rapidly as a result of its medicinal properties (this tree is being harvested as a substitute for Ocotea bullata).