Feijoa sellowiana is an evergreen multi-stemmed shrub normally grown for its attractive silvery foliage, unusual flowers and tasty fruits. This tree can reach a mature height of 6m when growing conditions are favourable.  Although native to South America, the fruit salad tree is being cultivated all over the world as a fruit or ornamental tree.

It has a slow growth habit and characterized with a very dense rounded crown consisting of egg shaped leaves that have silvery, slightly fuzzy undersides giving the entire plant a slight bluish colour. The bark is pale grey and peels off into smaller pieces. This tree produces white and red flowers followed by green ellipsoid fruits that taste like pineapple, apple and mint, these fruits ripen from February to March. The fruit salad tree has a very shallow root system; cultivation around the roots is not encouraged.

Feijoa is well adapted to most types of soils and can grow well in full sun and semi-shade conditions. This tree is also frost and drought resistant. Feijoa sellowiana makes a dense informal hedge or screen that requires very little pruning. When trained into an espalier, Fejioa can create a living sculpture in the landscape. On patios, the fruit salad tree is ideal as a container tree. Furthermore, this tree provides cover for wildlife, and the flowers attract hummingbirds to the garden.