A low maintenance versatile shrub that reaches a mature height of 2.5m, Freylinia tropica is a very hardy slender shrub characterized with a spreading habit. This water wise, evergreen shrub is fast growing and grows well in full sun or under semi-shade conditions. In its natural environment, it is often a pioneer plant on disturbed damp ground.

Foliage is attractive, with small, glossy leaves along arching stems. Flowering takes place throughout the year, but the shrub blooms more profusely during spring. The small flowers have a star shape and are mauve to bright blue or white colours. The white flowering cultivar does not grow as upright as the blue cultivar. The nectar rich flowers attract butterflies such as the brown veined white. This shrub is also well known for its ability to attract bees, wasps and moths to the garden. After flowering, fruits appear in the form of 2-lobed pointed capsules.

This shrub responds well to pruning and can be shaped into a formal hedge. The Honey-bell bush is a suitable choice for small gardens as it does not grow too big. In addition, it is a good topiary specimen and will flourish as a container plant. It also makes a beautiful screening plant.