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Sun Trees Leaflet

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We Sell and Work with Mature Trees

  • Unrivalled value for money with quality trees and professional services since 1987
  • A seamlessly integrated tree operation from grower to implementation/installation
  • Practical tree planning and planting solutions including relocations
  • Measured tree pricing to suit all budgets
  • Wide range of indigenous and other trees available, from standard to very large sizes

Advantages of more mature trees:

  • Buying precious time in the form of a mature tree
  • Jump starts one’s lifestyle with fitting scale to your home
  • Perfect natural counter balance to structures
  • Beautiful kerb appeal differentiator
  • More resilient, established trees enrich the liveability of your home

Our track record based rating system

Sun Trees - Planted Tree Scenarios

Planted Tree Scenarios

Planted arboreal environments

Shows a market view based on the collective talent, vision and commitment of tree planters.

Sun Trees Advantage

This is the extent to which we can create superior customer value.

Sun Trees believes it can deliver superior customer value through

  • naturally raised, measured trees of substance, offering intrinsic value
  • rigorous planning and research
  • skilled craftsmen with many years of practical ‘working with trees’ experience
  • personalised ‘working with you’ approach
  • combining amenity, shade/shelter, boundary/barrier trees to create artistic value
  • using clipped and/or trained, reclamation and beverage/medicinal trees to better effect

Tree of the Week

Vachellia rehmanniana – Silky thorn – Sydoring – Musivhisha

Closely related to V.sieberiana, The Silky thorn is a medium sized tree that can reach a mature height of 6 to 10m, this makes it a beautiful option for medium sized gardens. This […]

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