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Featuring Trees in the Play Environment – May 2017

Kids playing and laughing outside under the trees on a hot, sunny day bring joy to the heart of any parent.

Children are naturally drawn to active play outdoors and it is a fact that this form of exercise promotes well-being and wholesome, physical development.  It allows children to explore the natural environment while increasing muscle strength and flexibility.

Trees in a playground provide numerous benefits to children in the learning environment.

Trees add much-needed shade to play areas, replacing paved areas where play equipment could be too hot to touch and encouraging cognitive development through interactive role play.  In addition, the shade protects children from harmful UV rays while the increased exposure to nature can have a calming effect on kids.

By planting fruit trees at school, an additional benefit would be the addition of healthy snacks that can be picked fresh.  In our many urban environments, children reconnect with nature and learn to respect it.

Whether it is raking leaves, collecting seed pods or climbing trees, children adore being outside in the fresh air and sunshine.