A must have for a wildlife garden! Kiggelaria africana attracts a wide range of birds, butterflies and insects to the garden. This well shaped and low branched tree is semi-deciduous to evergreen. Its growth habit varies with environmental conditions – from a scrubby bush in arid areas to over twenty metres in a high forest. The Wild peach is the only species of Kiggelaria in South Africa.

Wild peach is usually single stemmed and has a rounded, spreading crown. Trimming the lower branches of the tree can enhance the shape and will also assist in making it a wonderful sidewalk tree. The leaves of this tree are glossy green above and grey-green and hairy below. The Wild peach´s bell shaped orange and green flowers are borne from Spring to Summer followed by pale-green capsules containing black seeds covered with bright-orange, oily coats. Male and female flowers are on separate trees.

Under optimum conditions, the Wild peach will grow up to 1 m a year. It is frost hardy when mature, young trees should be protected from frost for the first year or two. K. africana is fairly hardy and will grow in winter or summer rain conditions tolerating both semi shade and full sun conditions. This tree has a non-invasive root system and low water requirements.

Kiggelaria africana makes a beautiful screening tree. It can also be planted as a specimen shade tree in the garden.