Myrsine africana is a dense multi-stemmed small shrub commonly found growing among rocks or beneath other trees. This slow growing evergreen shrub has an upright growth habit, it can reach a mature height of about 2m when growing conditions are favourable. The distribution of Myrsine africana stretches from the Himalayas, China and the Azores to Eastern and Southern Africa.

When new leaves emerge on the tree, they have a deep red colour which matures into a glossy dark green. Mature leaves have a round shape, are leathery with a shiny appearance both on the upper and lower surface. From October to December, the African boxwood bears star shaped pick flowers, followed by red/purple berries that attract a variety of bird species to the garden.

Because of its dense foliage, the African boxwood is most commonly used in the landscape as formal hedge. It is suitable for container planting as well as bonsai. The leaves of Myrsine africana can be used medicinally as a blood purifier. Once established, this plant becomes waterwise. It tolerates both full sun and semi-shade conditions as well as frost.