A very hardy small to medium sized evergreen tree, Pittosporum viridiflorum makes a good specimen plant in the garden when planted both in full sun or semi-shade conditions. This tree grows over a wide range of altitudes and its growth habit varies from one location to another. It prefers well-drained soils and is reasonably drought hardy, but will respond well to regular watering during long dry spells.

The grey bark of P. viridiflorum is smooth on small branches and seamed crosswise on older branches. Leaves are shiny, alternate and simple, they have a prominent venation on the undersurface. The small greenish white scented flowers are produced in summer, these are followed by attractive red sticky seeds covered in a resinous exudate.

Pittosporum viridiflorum is a useful plant for hedging along driveways or fencing lines. Because of the glossy foliage, greenish yellow flowers and reddish fruit; this makes a good garden subject. The root system of this tree is non-aggressive making it an ideal plant for small gardens. This tree is also suitable for gardens with limited space as it can grow well as a container plant on the patio.

Traditionally, the Cheesewood tree was used to treat fungal infections. The leaves are reported to possess antimicrobial properties, and the bark with its bitter taste and strong resinous smell, is also used medicinally.