If you are looking for a classic evergreen for a formal garden, Podocarpus henkelii is an excellent option. The tree has a typical pyramidal shape with branches that are strong enough to hold decorations. This tree can be considered as a substitute for the Christmas tree. P. henkelii grows best in areas with good rainfall and misty mountainous conditions.

Although it is quite slow-growing the Henkel’s yellowwood does develop into a huge forest tree hence it’s only suitable for large gardens. The tree has a straight brown to yellowish brown trunk, beautiful flaking bark and a dense conical crown. Shiny leaves of Podocarpus henkelii are droopy and longer making it easy to distinguish from the other yellowwoods growing in South Africa. This tree has male and female reproductive organs on separate plants. It bears cones, male Podocarpus henkelii cones are erect, pink, and 2-3cm long and are solitary or in clusters of up to 5. Female cones are solitary, but shortly stalked. The seed is large and roundish and 1,5-2cm in diameter and olive green to yellowish green when ripe.

Podocarpus henkelii is moderately drought-resistant and frost hardy. This beautiful tree is highly ornamental and looks lovely when planted as a single specimen, an informal screen or a hedge.  The tree can be utilised as a formal avenue tree and will do equally well when planted in a container. Podocarpus henkelii is one of the most popular conifers that will offer all year around beauty to your garden.