The September bush is an evergreen glossy leafed shrub which bears large quantities of pink pear-shaped flowers throughout the year. It is a low maintenance waterwise plant that can grow both in full sun and under semi-shade conditions. It is indigenous to South Africa and its distribution stretches from Zululand in the north to Western Cape in the south.

Polygala myrtifolia is fast growing and can reach a mature height of 4m-6m. Leaves of this shrub are light green in colour with rounded tips. The pear-like flowers of Polygala myrtifolia resemble those of legumes however, they are easily distinguished from legumes by the feathery tuft on their lower petals. The small oval fruit is slightly winged with a splitting capsule enclosed by persistent sepals.

If this shrub is left to grow without any pruning, it can make an effective screen plant. P. myrtifolia can be clipped into a very neat and interesting hedge. It is a valuable plant in a wildlife garden because of its sparse branches and brightly coloured flowers which attract bees and other insects to the garden. Because of the non-invasive nature of its root system, this tree is perfect for both large and small gardens. The September bush is drought resistant and can withstand very mild frost. It is still recognised today for its antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties.