The exotic Chinese poplar is a beautiful addition to almost any type of garden.

Deciduous, the tree changes its appearance as each new season approaches, showcasing blazing colours throughout the year.  Growing to a height of between 8 to 15 m, this tall tree has a medium spread of 2 to 6 m.  It has a neat, rounded crown of shiny green foliage which turns bright yellow in autumn before being shed in winter.  Bark on younger trees is smooth, white greenish to grey, becoming rough and fissured as the tree matures.  Flowers are borne in long, drooping catkins and appear in early spring.  Fruit take the form of a reddish brown, valved capsule that matures in summer.

Populus simonii can tolerate very difficult conditions like long, hot dry summers and constant wind, making it a good choice for coastal areas.  The tree is very hardy and can adapt to difficult growing conditions but is known for its invasive root system.  It does make for an excellent specimen tree in a large garden, but should be planted well away from buildings and paving.  The Chinese poplar is also not a water wise choice which could be problematic.  On the plus side, the tree is a fast grower which binds soil and offers protection for less hardy plants.

Whether utilised as a windbreak, for screening purposes or as an avenue tree, Populus simonii will show its uniform growth habit to its best advantage.