Originating from Western Asia, this flowering plum has adapted well to South African conditions.

One of the best colour-contrast plants for the garden, this small, deciduous tree produces dense, blackish purple foliage throughout summer and autumn.  It has a moderate growth rate and can grow to a height of 5 m with a similar spread.

Prunus cerasifera belongs to the plum family and has delicate flowers that appear in spring, before the leaves emerge.  The blossoms are a pale pink colour and will attract bees and insects to the garden.  Small, round fruits may appear during summer.  The fruit is fleshy and edible, appealing to birdlife.

The foliage of this tree is truly spectacular – new leaves are a bronze colour, maturing into deep purple as summer progresses.  During autumn, the colour changes to warm reds before dropping to the ground.  The tree has a rounded to pyramidal habit and can be shaped by selective pruning.

Hardy and frost resistant, this ornamental tree will grow well in sun or shade. It is often used as a specimen tree in a smaller garden where it provides seasonal colour against an evergreen backdrop.