An evergreen to semi-deciduous tree belonging to the Citrus family, Ptaeroxylon obliquum can reach a mature height of 35m under conducive growing conditions. Its distribution stretches from Tanzania in the North to Eastern Cape in South.

Leaves of this tree are opposite, evenly compound with dark green asymmetric leaflets. In Autumn, Ptaeroxylon obliquum produces yellow to reddish foliage which brings beauty to the garden. The bark is dark grey with deep longitudinal and interlinked furrows on older branches. Male and female flowers are found on separate trees. These yellow sweet-smelling flowers have four petals, opening white with an orange centre from creamy yellow buds. Fruits exist as oblong capsules with the top notch turning reddish brown, these are produced from August to December.

Ptaeroxylon obliquum is a protected tree of South Africa, this tree can withstand a moderate frost and is drought resistant. Its non-invasive root system makes it an ideal tree for small gardens. This tree is also planted as an avenue tree in the landscapes. Sneezewood’s sweetly scented flowers attract a wide range of butterfly species hence its suitability for wildlife gardens. Wood of this tree has insect repellent properties for instance, pieces of wood from this tree can be placed in cupboards to repel moths and other insects.