The brush cherry is a beautiful fast-growing tree or shrub originating from Australia. It belongs to the myrtle family and is related to the gums or eucalypts. This tree has a long-life cycle of 40 to 150 years and when established, it can endure relatively long periods of drought.

This tree has a natural rounded shape and can reach a mature height of 15 m. Its trunk is either straight or crooked. The leaves of Syzygium paniculatum are opposite, simple, entire, and lanceolate to slightly obovate, growing up to 10 cm in length and 3 cm in width. The foliage is reddish in colour when the leaves are young. The shiny leaves slowly turn dark green as they mature. Creamy powder-puff flowers appear on the tree early in summer, followed by small, edible, dark pink to red fruit.

Syzygium paniculatum is a popular ornamental plant in South Africa which is normally grown as a tree, shrub or hedge. Because of its shallow root system, the Brush cherry does not usually damage structures. It is also suitable for planting in coastal areas if there is protection from direct ocean winds. The brush cherry can also be successfully planted as a container plant, it is also perfect for topiaries.