Ficus sansibarica – Knobbly fig – Knoppiesvy – Inkokhokho

Named after Zanzibar where Franz Stuhlmann, a naturalist, discovered it in 1889. Ficus sansibarica is a large tree with a spreading crown of up to 20x30m. The tree often begins life as an epiphyte, growing in the branch of another tree. As it grows older it sends down aerial roots which, when they reach the [...]

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Antidesma venosum – Tasselberry – Voelsitboom

This evergreen to semi-deciduous shrub/tree is a very decorative, neat shade tree that is ideal to attract a wide variety of birds to your garden. The Tasselberry generally grows to a height of 4 – 5m and has a dense rounded crown. Although the plant can be scrambling, it can be trained to have a [...]

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