Cassinopsis ilicifolia – Lemoentjiedoring – Lemon thorn

The lemon thorn tree is a decorative hardy evergreen small tree or shrub with a much-branched crown, this tree can reach a mature height of up to 5m. Its distribution stretches from Zimbabwe in the North to Western Cape in the South. This tree is found growing naturally on forest margins and along streams. This [...]

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Cassinopsis ilicifolia – Lemon thorn – Lemoentjiedoring

This fairly spiny, large evergreen shrub or small tree can reach a height of 2 – 3 m with a crown spread of 3 – 5 m.  New branchlets are bright green in colour, changing to a brownish to pale grey when older.  The leaves are shiny green on top with a duller green underneath. [...]

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