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Ficus carica ‘Southern Black’

As an ancient food source and one of the first fruit trees cultivated, Ficus carica is thought to have originated from the Mediterranean basin and Western Asia.  The deciduous fig tree is known for its delicious fruit and many cultivars can be found around the world. The ‘Southern Black’ is a variety that grows well [...]

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Englerophytum magalismontanum – Transvaal milkplum – Stamvrug

This week we are looking at the Transvaal milkplum or Stamvrug, best known for its edible fruit that can be distilled into the truly South African mampoer! This small to medium size, evergreen tree normally grows to a height of 2 – 4 m, but can reach up to 15m depending on the habitat it [...]

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Myrciaria jabuticaba – Brazilian Grape Tree

Native to Brazil, the Jabuticaba is a large shrub or small evergreen tree that flourishes in our Highveld climate. The tree can be single or multi-stemmed and typically form a dense, rounded symmetrical crown. The Jabuticaba is a slow growing tree that can reach a height of +- 5 to 8 m and is often [...]

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