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Combretum bracteosum – Hiccup-nut – Hikklimop

The indigenous Combretum bracteosum naturally occurs along the eastern seaboard of Southern Africa, including Kwazulu Natal, Transkei and the Eastern Cape.  Although it thrives in a subtropical, coastal environment, it is adaptive and has been successfully grown on the Highveld. This fast growing, semi-deciduous tree is unique amongst the bush willows in that it does [...]

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Combretum bracteosum – Hiccup-nut – Hikklimop

The Hiccup-nut provides glorious colour to your garden in late spring. Fast growing, evergreen tree or climber Height of between 2 - 4 m and spread of 4 - 5 m Flowers bright orange red clustered into inflorescences Attracts birds and host to Striped Policeman butterfly Thrives in subtropical, coastal environment but has adapted well [...]

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