Combretum erythrophyllum – Rooiblaar – Umdubu

Well known for its spectacular red autumn colours, Combretum erythrophyllum is a deciduous to semi-deciduous indigenous tree of South Africa. The tree is fast growing, reaching a height of 4-6m in three years when growing conditions are conducive. Its distribution stretches from Zimbabwe in the north to Eastern Cape in the South. Although this tree is usually found growing naturally along rivers and [...]

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Philenoptera violacea–Apple-leaf – Appelblaar–Umbhandu

The Apple-leaf is a semi-deciduous protected tree of South Africa characterised with an open rounded crown and a flaking bark. Its distribution in Africa stretches from Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania in the North to KwaZulu-Natal in the South. Although this tree occurs on all types of soils, it mainly favours sandy or alluvial [...]

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