Leucosidea sericea – Oldwood – Ouhout

Indigenous to South Africa, Leucosidea sericea is part of the family Rosaceae (Rose family) and occurs mainly in the eastern and northern parts of South Africa.  The common name ‘Oldwood’ was given as the tree has a gnarled trunk and flaky bark, resembling a very old tree. This is a fast growing, evergreen straggly shrub [...]

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Zanthoxylum capense – Small knobwood – Kleinperdepram

Indigenous to South Africa, Zanthoxylum capense is a small to medium tree that has a wide range of applications. This is a wonderful specimen tree with glossy, dark green foliage and orangey red fruits during summer. In winter the decorative grey and knobbly stem draws attention and the typical bark identifies this tree throughout the [...]

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