Lebombo cluster-leaf is a stunning medium-sized tree that can reach a mature height of 6m when environmental conditions are favourable. This tree belongs to the Bushwillow family, it originates from KwaZulu Natal and Mpumalanga where it’s found growing naturally on stony hillsides and close to streams.

Branches of Terminalia phanerophlebia grow in a horizontal form. When the tree is young, the bark is finely fissured revealing the orange underbark but as the tree matures it becomes grey in colour. Leaves of this tree are egg-shaped, velvety when young becoming smoother as they mature. In Autumn, the foliage turns into a mixture of pink and yellow thereby adding on to the beauty of the garden. Lebombo cluster-leaf produces small white to cream flowers with a strong unpleasant scent in early summer. The attractive two-winged fruits appear on the tree from January to June.

This fast-growing tree grows well under full sun conditions and is frost tolerant. It makes a beautiful shade tree and is also ideal for street planting. This tree has been reported to have medicinal properties, it is used in traditional medicine in South Africa to treat ailments like wounds, inflammations and infections.