Trachycarpus fortunei is a very hardy slow growing palm tree reaching a mature height of 12 to 20m. Despite of the fact that this palm is exotic and native to China, it easily adapts to a multitude of climates from very cold to tropical environments. The spiralling out of leaves in all directions from the top of the plant resemble a windmill, hence the common name.

This tree has large, firm fan-like green leaves which are segmented halfway and arranged into a symmetrical crown. The upright single trunk of Windmill Palm is covered with dense, brown, hair like fibres from the disintegrating leaf bases. Trachycarpus fortunei is a dioecious plant, the male and female flowers appear on different plants. The flowers appear in summer and are enclosed within the crown of leaves and are typically yellow or tan in colour.

Although the windmill palm favours shade and partial shade conditions, it can also grow well under full sun when provided with enough moisture. The Windmill palm is frost hardy and can survive temperatures ranging from -8 to -18˚C. This tree brings the tropical feel into landscapes and can be grown as a specimen tree in low maintenance landscapes and rock gardens. It can be used to soften edges of buildings when planted in groups or clusters. Moreover, this tree also suitable for growing indoors as a container plant and near a deck or a patio as well.