Welcome to the first monthly edition of Tree Insights published by Sun Trees.  We are excited to bring you opinions and facts, news and interesting snippets centered on our tree experiences.  Focusing on different environments every month, we strive to deliver insights and fore-sights that will aid in broadening your tree knowledge.

CELEBRATING TREES – Greening our Learning Environments

The young ones are back to school and as such, trees in an educational environment are on our mind.

Why should trees be planted in schools?

Schools are a major property owner within our cities and can contribute immensely towards creating an urban forest.  In South Africa, there is still a big difference between ‘leafy’ privileged areas and the more ‘barren’ under privileged areas.  Read more

Research:  Facts and figures

Facts and figures with regards to the impact of a tree environment on scholastic performance By planting trees in a scholastic environment, we are enabling children to enjoy the benefits of nature on a daily basis.  Read more

Planting fruit trees at schools

Save the planet and get free, fresh food for your efforts? Read more

Environmental Calendar

On Thursday, the 2nd of February, we celebrate World Wetlands day. Read more

Tree Science

The rooting habits of tree and the impact thereof on building structures can sometimes lead to a tree having to be relocated to another site.  Read more

Tree Calendar

Keep your trees healthy this month.  Read more

Blooming good ideas

Tree gifts for schools.  Read more

The power of trees

Can trees communicate with each other? Dr Peter Wohlleben, author of “The Secret Life of Trees: Thinking, caring and using the ‘wood-wide web’ to communicate” shares many discoveries in his new book Read more

Next month in Tree Insights

We explore the impact of trees at our homes.  Urban trees provide beauty, ecosystem services and psychological benefits to a community.  In addition property values are influenced by tree coverage.

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