Trees in our LIVING environment 

In this month’s newsletter we examine the impact of trees on the value of your home – aesthetically and economically.  Homes with trees are generally preferred above those without and statistics show a 10 to 15% increase in property values where mature trees are present.  Aside from the financial implications, there are clear indications that treed communities increase social and communal vitality in residents.

Transform your home with trees – ‘grow’ the value of your property

Historical research has shown that property prices are consistently higher where trees are present. Read more

Green spaces bring neighbourhoods alive

Green spaces, with trees, can play an important part in tackling a range of social and health problems   Read more

Environmental Calendar

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Tree planting simplified

How best to plant a tree.  Enhance the structure of trees by selective pruning.  Read more

Tree Calendar

Autumn Equinox approaching Read more

Recycling, décor and farmer chic with trees

Inspiring tree thoughts Read more

Therapeutic value of trees

Physiological and spiritual healing Read more

Feature:  Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden

History Read more

Laureate Tree School opening 1st of April 2017 

We are set to open our Laureate Tree School at Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden Read more