Closely related to V.sieberiana, The Silky thorn is a medium sized tree that can reach a mature height of 6 to 10m, this makes it a beautiful option for medium sized gardens. This tree was named after Anton Rehmann, a polish botanist and collector. It is normally found growing naturally along rivers and streams.

This tree is characterised with a flat crown and attractive velvety grey green leaves. The thorns or spines are long and straight, white in colour, with a reddish-brown tip. Its stunning red bark looks powdery red on young branches and it glows in sunlight. As the tree matures, the bark becomes dark brown and develops rough strips with a red background. In late summer white puffball flowers with a silvery sheen appear on the tree. These are followed by clusters of lovely beige, woody pods that persist on the tree.

Vachellia rehmanniana attracts birds, insects and butterflies besides making a wonderful garden plant. It is frost and drought hardy and can be a focal point in your garden with its year round visual appeal.