Vachellia robusta is a single trunked high branching deciduous tree common in the warm dry savannas. It is found growing naturally in a variety of habitats among other different plant communities. This tree reaches a mature height of about 10m. Its distribution in South Africa stretches from KwaZulu-Natal to the North West Provinces.

The main stem is grey to blackish in colour with rough hairy branches. This tree is characterised with white thorns that are straight and paired. The dark green glossy leaflets are borne on woody cushions. Flowers appear as creamy white pompons on the tree from July to October, followed by greyish brown straight and broad seedpods decorating the tree from November to August.

The broad pod robust thorn tree is fast growing with a growth rate of about 1m per year, it is resistant to frost and drought. In landscapes, Vachellia robusta is commonly grown as a garden tree and occasionally as bonsai. This tree is also ideal for screening and hedging. The strongly scented flowers attract bees and butterflies, and many other insects making this tree suitable for wildlife gardens. It is also believed to be effective in repelling snakes.