Vachellia xanthophloea is an indigenous tree of South Africa characterised with a stunning spreading crown. The Fever tree got its common name from pioneers who believed the tree caused fevers. The fever was actually malaria which they caught from mosquitoes that bred in the swampy fever tree habitat. It is a common tree on river banks, flood plains and swampy areas. This tree is regarded as one of the best indigenous trees due to the contrasting bark and fast growth rate. When growing conditions are favourable, the fever tree can reach a mature height of 25m.

The trunk and branches of this tree are not yellow or golden, but green in colour but have a powdery layer that is bright yellow and that gives the plant its characteristic golden tint. This tree is also characterised with white, straight thorns typical of all Vachellia species. From September to November, Vachellia xanthophloea produces round, bright yellow and sweetly scented flowers borne on shortened side shoots represented by clustered scales.

When planted as an ornamental, Vachellia xanthophloea should be planted in groups of up to 5 for the best effect. This tree is ideal for planting on streets, parks and gardens. Several bird species use this tree species for nesting. This tree is fairly hardy and young trees need to be protected from frost.