One of our staple trees at Sun Trees, is the indigenous Vachellia xanthophloea.  The distinctive colouring of the Fever tree makes this tree an ornamental specimen that provides interest all year round.

From the bright yellowish green trunk, to the sparse spreading crown and upstanding growth habit, the appearance of the Fever tree is exceptional.  The bark of the tree is almost luminous green in colour and has a smooth texture with slight, flaky patches.  Young trees often have long, straight thorns that are paired on the branches, but these thorns are not noticeable on more mature specimens.  The deciduous to semi-deciduous tree has feathery, green foliage that contrasts beautifully with the trunk.  During summer it provides dappled shade which makes it an ideal tree to protect smaller plants that cannot tolerate full sun.

From August to November, bright yellow globose flowers emerge, attracting bees and other insects with its scent.  The blooms are followed by brown to yellowish brown pods that split open to reveal small, hard seeds.

Growing to a height of between 10 to 15m, and even higher, the Fever tree is moderately frost hardy and drought resistant.   It is a relative fast grower, but should not be planted too close to buildings because of its mature dimensions.

The Fever tree is a favourite to be used as a focal point in a medium to large garden.  It also functions well as an avenue or street tree.