The centrepiece and backdrop to the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden, Witpoortjie Falls, has been used for recreational purposes since the late 1800s.  The name of the falls seemingly originates from the Witpoortjie Station where travellers from Johannesburg used to disembark to walk down to the falls.

Initially known as the Transvaal National Botanical Garden, it was started in July 1982 and is the second youngest of the nine National Botanical Gardens in South Africa.  The Garden was opened to the public on a daily basis in 1987 as the Witwatersrand National Botanical Garden and was renamed in March 2004 as the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden.

Many features have been added to the Garden since the 1990s including a Water Garden, Cycad Garden, Arboretum, Waterwise Garden, Birds and Butterfly Garden.  A Visitors’ Information Centre, restaurant and function venue has also been developed through the years.