Citrus sinensis – Orange tree – Lemoenboom

Originating from the Far East, the Orange tree is one of our favourite fruit trees in South Africa.  The trees were initially planted in the Cape and the first sweet oranges were harvested in 1661.  Over the years many different varieties of oranges have been introduced into South Africa. Best known for its sweet fruit [...]

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Persea americana ‘Fuerte’ – Avocado tree

In keeping with seasonal fruit, we are looking at the Avocado tree today, with special focus on the ‘Fuerte’ cultivar. Named ‘Fuerte’, meaning ‘strong’ in Spanish, this is one of the most popular cultivars in South Africa. The ‘Fuerte’ has a wide climate tolerance and can survive temperatures of up to -4 degrees Celsius. However, [...]

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Prunus armenicana ‘Babeco’ – Apricot tree – Appelkoosboom

The deciduous apricot tree originated from the north east of China and was imported to South Africa during the 1700’s. Apricots were first planted in the Western Cape with its winter rainfall climate, but have subsequently spread to the rest of the country. Apricot trees tend to prefer cooler climates, but will survive in subtropical [...]

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